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Three are dead. I am Number Four.

The Lorien Legacies Kink Meme

The Lorien Legacies Kink Meme
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An anonymous fic and kink prompting meme for the Lorien Legacies series (book and movie).
This community is a kink meme; it is a place where one person can post a prompt (anonymously if they wish), and others can view these prompts and fill them with fic, art, or anything else (again, anonymously or not.) Prompts consist, usually, of a pairing and a kink or other plot device.

Keep in mind that this is a kink meme. And by "kink," I mean "fetish." And by "fetish," I don't mean "mystical implement used to enhance a brew or enchantment." I mean "sexual preference not usually accepted in mainstream culture." You have been warned.

That said, prompts can be literally almost anything, from gen to fluff to even triggery stuff, as long as it's warned for. Have an plotbunny that been attached to your leg ever since you saw the movie? Enjoy the challenge of writing to a prompt, and usually for something you've never considered before? Have a deep dark secret kink that you just can't find, even on Adult Fanfic.net? And (most important) love being a part of the Lorien Legacies fandom and community? (And, y'know are you over fourteen, and know what you're getting into with this and everything?) Then this is the comm for you!